What’s the Best Rated Crock Pot

The slow cooker, or Crock-Pot, is a wonderfully practical way to cook up soups and stews. The device itself is quite inexpensive, and even the best rated Crock-Pot out there comes at a reasonable price. Meanwhile, the cooking experience is quite literally as easy as throwing all your ingredients into the pot and letting it stew for a couple of hours.

In fact, this makes it one of the best ways to prep meals when inviting guests over, as this allows you to work on other dishes at the same time. Sometimes, cooks even leave their Crock-Pots on while they go to work, having a meal warm and ready for them when they come home. The best part? You can use cheap cuts of meat and simple veggies to cook up a killer stew.

If you aren’t already hankering to get yourself a Crock-Pot, here’s a quick review of three of the best rated Crock-Pots online today.

Crock-Pot 7-Quart Oval Manual Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel (SCV700SS)


This Stainless Steel, 7-Quart Oval Manual Slow Cooker can serve up to 8 or more people, with a removable and dishwasher-safe oval stoneware that easily slides out for serving and cleaning. It comes in three settings, “high” cooking for quicker cook time, “low” cooking for when you want to leave the cooker on to accommodate multitasking, and “warm” for keeping your meals hot and ready-to-serve for guests.

This Crock-Pot comes with a polished silver, stainless steel exterior with black accents and plastic handles that lets it blend easily with a sleek and modern kitchen.


Perhaps the best aspect of this slow cooker is its size. Huge enough to serve a little over eight people, it’s the ideal Crock-Pot for family gatherings and get-togethers with friends. But its size isn’t the only feature that allows you to show off your best dishes to your friends and family, the “warm” setting on this slow cooker means your dishes are ready-to-eat all throughout the day.


This particular slow cooker does not allow you to set your cooking time, unlike its cousin, the 6 Quart Smart-Pot, which will be reviewed later on. This means that you will have to remember what time you started cooking and check up on your dish from time to time.

Crock-Pot 6-Quart Smart-Pot Oval Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel (SCCPVP600-S)


The 6-Quart Smart Pot gets its name from the pre-set digital controls that it’s equipped with. High settings offer the option between 4 or 6-hour cooking time, while Low settings offer 8 or 10-hours, for when you need to step out of the house and leave your meal cooking. This slow cooker also automatically shifts to the warm setting once the cooking is done, meaning you can come home to a good, hot meal.

The slow cooker can cook up to seven or more servings. Its six-quart oval stoneware is removable and, along with the glass lid, dishwasher-safe. Lastly, it comes in a stainless steel finish that blends with a modern kitchen aesthetic.


The digital controls are the standout features of this Crock-Pot, and it’s what puts on the list of the best rated Crock-Pot out there today. Crock-Pot cooking is already fairly straightforward, so the digital controls and time-specific settings make it almost effortless. Another plus is the automatic shift to the Warm setting, which means that even when cooking time is up, you won’t be left with a pot of cold soup if you forget.


This pot is just a little smaller than our first feature, the 7-Quart Oval Manual Slow Cooker, so you’ll be able to serve fewer guests with this one. The time settings do have a downside – you won’t be able to leave your pot on for longer than the maximum of 10 hours. So for dishes that require a longer cook time, you will need to exert a bit more effort in keeping it on.

Crockpot 2.5-Quart Mini Casserole Crock Slow Cooker, White/Blue

  • 2.5-quart capacity serves 3+ people
  • High, Low, and Warm Settings to cook and keep food warm
  • Keeps meal warm while serving
  • Includes lid-mounted clips to secure lid
  • Lid and removable, oven-safe casserole-shaped stoneware are dishwasher safe


The 2.5 Quart Mini Casserole Crock has a serving capacity of over three people. Similar to the others on this list, it comes with High, Low, and Warm settings – High and Low for cooking, Warm for heating throughout the day or event.

The Casserole Crock is named as such because the removable stoneware is capable of cooking in conventional ovens, allowing use for cooking casseroles and other such dishes. The stoneware and lid are, of course, dishwasher-safe as well. The Cook & Carry locking lid system lets you take the dish on the go without the trouble of spills.


As it is the smallest of the bunch, this particular cooker is portable and easy for bringing to parties and picnics. The Cook & Carry locking lid system ensures that spilling is out of the question.


Its size may come as a pro for those on the go, but it doesn’t do very well for serving large groups. Similar to the first featured cooker, this one also does not provide settings for timed cooking, meaning more effort for the cook to ensure that their dish does not burn or overcook.


Of the three best rated Crock-Pots, the Stainless Steel Crock-Pot 6-Quart Smart-Pot Oval Slow Cooker stands to be the best among the best. It’s the “Goldilocks pot,” meaning it’s the one slow cooker that’s “just right” compared to the others. Its size still accommodates for serving large groups of people, while its “smart” digital settings let you cook for a set amount of time.

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