Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven Review

Are you the type who loves braised meats or making bread? Do you want something to help you cook wonderful dishes within minutes? If you are into those conveniences, then you will enjoy the benefits of a quality cast-iron Dutch oven. This review of the Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven will give you information about the product and its advantages.


  • Includes built-in side handles and lids for containing steam and convenient transport
  • Designed for braising and other kinds of cooking methods that involve longer cooking on low heat
  • Can be used on stovetops
  • Can be used as a serving dish on the table
  • Is capable of increasing iron content due to cast-iron material
  • Must be cooled down completely prior to washing in hot, soapy water with sponge
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Measures 25.70cm D x 4.7cm H x 0.50cm thick


Having a Dutch oven in the kitchen is quite handy. This kind of cooking implement comes with a pot that has thick walls and a lid that securely fits. The Dutch oven can be enameled or made of cast iron like this Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned model.

Dutch ovens have been used in many countries all over the world for hundreds of years. They are recommended for longer, slower cooking methods for dishes like casseroles, roasts and stews. In short, dishes that can be cooked in the oven can be made in a Dutch oven.

The Dutch oven is a versatile piece, and many enjoy making braised meats and bread in it. If properly taken care of, a cast-iron Dutch oven can last for years due to its durable and heavy-duty construction. This type of cookware used to be a prized family heirloom, passed from one generation to the next.

This model is a pre-seasoned cast-iron Dutch oven which means you won’t have to exert additional effort to season the equipment before using it. A properly seasoned cast iron Dutch oven works in the same way as a non-stick pan. Many chefs say that it is the most ideal cookware for blackening and searing certain foods.

Cooking enthusiasts should own at least one durable, quality cast-iron Dutch oven like this model. It is a staple in many kitchens and for lots of great reasons. Plain cast iron is capable of evenly delivering heat more effectively.

Furthermore, individuals with iron deficiency can actually benefit from cooking in a cast iron Dutch oven since it will provide a bit of iron in the food. This pre-seasoned model has this capability.

You can acquire trace amounts of iron that our bodies need, which is especially beneficial if you or a family member has an iron deficiency. The quantity of iron differs based on the pH, however food cooked in a cast-iron Dutch oven includes a substantial amount of iron.


While the Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned cast iron Dutch oven has its advantages, it also has a few negatives. For some people, any cookware made from cast iron is too heavy for them to lift or carry, and thus, it is not recommended for people who are not unable to lift such items.

Furthermore, the Dutch oven should be seasoned and you should rarely cook foods with a high acidic content since the acid can erode the Dutch oven’s seasoning. Too much of it can come to a point wherein the food can come into contact with the bare iron and lead to a reaction.

In addition, cast iron Dutch ovens require continuous, careful maintenance. You have to allow it to cool down completely before washing it. The temperature difference can lead to damage and it will produce cracks or warping of the unit.

Lastly, the item has a tendency to corrode if not properly treated. A user who is unaware of the proper use and maintenance might commit some of these errors.


The Utopia Kitchen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven is something you might want to check out if you are in need of a Dutch oven made from iron.

The pre-seasoning means that you will not have to preseason it yourself before you use it. It has the benefits that this kind of material brings, plus it is ideal for cooking methods like braising and browning. It’s a must for individuals who like cooking with those techniques.

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