Balichun Cast Iron Dutch Oven Review

Cast iron is capable of uniform heating, and it is also an excellent preserver of heat. It does not need much fat or oil to cook food. If you use a cast iron Dutch oven, you can steer clear of chemicals that are often found on non-stick cooking implements, which have been connected to certain health conditions.

Cast iron is sturdy, effective, versatile and made to last for years. Remember that items made from this metal get better over time, so use them frequently and make them a regular part of your kitchen lineup. One example of a cast iron Dutch oven is the Balichun Cast Iron Dutch Oven With Black Enameled 360 Degree Water-Cycling System, which we are going to review today.


  • Comes with an imported enamel glaze coming from Japan and Europe
  • Product undergoes through substantial embedding and repetitive processing
  • Has smooth and even cooking surface
  • Made with high-tech flash-melting technology which enhances intensity and resistance against abrasive factors
  • Works efficiently with low flame


This Dutch oven is a sizable, heavy pot that is made from cast iron and given an enameled coating. Enameled cast-iron cookware, like this Balichun model, does not react with acidic foods, compared with solid cast iron cookware; hence, you can cook any kind of food, even those containing tomatoes and vinegar.

It has an enamel finish which offers a non-stick cooking surface and makes cooking simpler. You won’t have to deal with food constantly sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Enameled cast-iron cookware is also durable, which is why in the olden days, cast-iron cookware became heirloom pieces that were passed down from one generation to the next.

Cast-iron pots and pans can tolerate a significant amount of heat, and because of this capability, they are ideal vessels for certain cooking methods like braising and browning. The cast iron structure of the piece has the capacity to hold heat and conduct it well, thus offering a steady, balanced temperature all over the pot.

The Dutch oven is recommended if you want to make dishes like stews, chili and soups. Its excellent heat retention is advantageous in keeping your food warm while it is being served. The pans only require low-medium heat, thereby making the whole item an energy-efficient cooking implement.

The cookware is ideal for all kinds of heat sources and cooking tops. It is also suitable for fridge storage and can also serve as a serving dish on the table. Because the item comes with an enameled glaze, it does not require any seasoning, so it needs minimal maintenance.

Another great thing about enameled cast-iron Dutch ovens, like this model from Balichun, is that they usually come in a broad selection of colors; you can choose a color that will suit the interior of your kitchen.

The Balichun Dutch oven is made from quality cast iron and it comes in a wide selection of  colors that come in bright and beautiful shades that will prove to be a standout in your kitchen. It also features a beautiful stainless steel knob.

The model is excellent for braising—even distribution dots on the lid means that water vapor reduces and drops back in order to baste the meat, and add to its moisture and flavor.

One great thing about Dutch ovens is that they can go from the stovetop to the oven. It can be heated in various ways from electric, glass, to induction cooking tops. You can bake, roast and cook casseroles in it. It also features a non-stick cooking surface which is a huge plus.


One disadvantage of cast iron cookware is that they are totally heavy, so it might not suit people who have trouble lifting heavier items.

The enamel glaze is also prone to chipping, so you will have to make use of wooden and silicone utensils to avoid scratching and damaging the coating; you will have to pay extra to buy the proper utensils recommended if you don’t have them on hand. Lastly, it costs more than standard cast-iron Dutch ovens, which is a bummer for those who are on a tight budget.


The Balichun Cast Iron Dutch Oven With Black Enameled 360 Degree Water-Cycling System is a great Dutch oven for both beginners and long-time cooks. Because of its quality construction and great selection of colors, the price you pay is all worth it. This is a nice addition to your kitchen.

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